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Facials & Skin Care

Every facial should be uniquely tailored to the needs of your skin. Expert aesthetician Lisa Getz evaluates your skin type and skin care regimen and personalizes each facial. Lisa carefully performs each facial treatment to enhance the skin’s health and natural beauty, help correct any trouble spots, and create a feeling of wellness and relaxation.

    Skin care facials are the number one reason people visit our spa. Whether you opt for an in-depth corrective treatment or a quick refresh, most facials include a highly beneficial multi-step process.

    • A facial massage stimulates circulation, a vital part of skin fitness. Facial massage also imparts a radiant appearance.
    • Gentle steaming prepares the skin for thorough cleansing, exfoliation to remove tired skin cells, and extraction to help clear the pores.
    • The facial itself can be formulated to target trouble spots, combat dehydration and minimize fine lines, restore your skin’s PH balance, and replenish skin health.

    “Good skin is the best foundation for your makeup.”

    Customized European Facial$105 – 60 Minute
    $120 – 75 Minute
    Anti-Acne Facial$105 – 60 Minute
    Ultra Clean Mens Facial$75 – 45 Minute
    Teen Facial$75 – 45 Minute
    Express Facial$75 – 60 Minute
    $90 – 75 Minute
    Hydroactive Mineral Salt Scrub $95 – 60 Minute
    Chemical Peel $85 – 1 Treatment
    $225 – 3 Treatments
    Pumpkin Peel $95 – 1 Treatment
    $255 – 3 Treatments
    Hydroxy Acid Exfoliation $95 – 60 Minute
    Multivitamin Power Treatment $95 – 60 Minute
    Environmentally Sensitized Skin $85 – 60 Minute

    Customized European Facial

    A revitalizing and deep-cleansing treatment that is ideal for anyone. This facial includes gentle steam, cleansing and massage. Exfoliation clears away dead skin cells to promote the production of new, healthy skin cells. It can target acne and help diminish hyperpigmentation. The Customized European Facial should be done on a regular basis to help maintain the skin’s youthful appearance.

    $105 for 60 minutes

    $120 for 75 minutes

    Anti-Acne Facial

    This treatment helps control and manage serious acne breakouts. A cloud of soothing steam begins the deep cleansing to prepare the skin for a two-step alpha hydroxy acid or enzyme treatment. This works to exfoliate dead skin cells. Then Lisa carefully clears clogged pores manually or using a specialized tool. Finally, the skin is coaxed into a calm and healthier condition with the application of a treatment mask and a high-frequency current for germicidal action.

    $105 for 60 minutes

    Ultra-Clean Facial for Men

    According to a 2018 study by the International Spa Assocation, men now make up 47% of those getting facials. They’ve discovered the amazing feeling and look of radiant skin. The Ultra-Clean Facial for Men includes cleansing and steam – sometimes a double cleanse – exfoliation, extraction, and a rejuvenating, anti-aging mask. Like all facials at Original Skin & Body Care, the Men’s Facial is adapted according to the analysis of your skin and the best way to correct and protect it.

    $75 for 45 minutes

    Teen Facial

    Teenagers are savvy about the benefits of facials. Lisa is a professional experienced with doing facials for teens, whose concerns are different from those with mature skin.  A facial is a must for big occasions like prom, and when a licensed aesthetician does your facial, it’s a chance to pick up some inside tips about how to keep your skin healthy. Expect deep cleansing, gentle steam, exfoliation, extractions and a mask – all formulated for your individual skin concerns.

    $75 for 45 minutes

    Express Facial

    Gentle yet thorough cleansing.

    $55 for 30 minutes

    Hydroactive Mineral Salt Scrub

    This sea salt scrub is invigorating and revitalizing. The benefits of dry body brushing and mineral sea salt combine with seaweed enzymes and essential oils to revive and refresh the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

    $95 for 60 minutes

    Advanced Treatments

    Advanced Treatments

    Chemical Peel

    A progressive series of treatments to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fade dark pigmentation and assist in balancing skin with acne. The formulations exfoliate and draw out impurities. This allows us to enrich the skin with beneficial vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients that smooth the skin and give it a supple look.

    $85 for 1 treatment 

    $225 for a series of 3 treatments

    Pumpkin Peel Treatment

    This skin care treatment offers a potent skin-smoothing and pore-clearing action. Its more than 100 beneficial components include concentrated vitamins A and C, and beta-carotene in formulations designed to improve skin health fitness. You’ll love the skin’s healthy glow following this treatment.

    $95 for 1 treatment

    $255 for a series of 3 treatments

    Recommended every three weeks for optimum results.
    *Professional home care recommended

    Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliation Treatment

    Alpha hydroxy acids work mainly as an exfoliant that help the top layer of the skin, the epidermis, to allow the dead skin cells to slough off and make way for regrowth of new skin. They may also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which have been shown to fight wrinkles, rough patches, and sun-damaged skin.

    $95 for 60 minutes

    MultiVitamin Power Treatment

    Multivitamin Power Treatment

    $95 for 60 minutes

    Environmentally Sensitized Skin Treatment

    The ideal treatment for sensitive skin. Using The UltraCalmingTM line of Dermalogica products, this skin care facial relieves the discomfort caused by dehydration and irritation. All products are formulated without lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil or artificial colors or fragrances. It’s a soothing, calming and anti-aging facial.
    $85 for 60 minutes