St. Patrick’s Day Green Style


Walk into any clothing store in the mall and you’ll see that emerald green is a trending color for Spring.

While a new outfit is wonderful, the “wearin’ o’ the green” in the form of reusing and recycling clothing is a great way to conserve resources as well as cash. If you’re trying to live a “green” lifestyle and be stylish at the same time, check out what’s for sale in thrift shops.

I have shopped at thrift stores, swap meets, pop-up boutiques at fairs and estate sales for years. I’ve always enjoyed the hunting aspect of it, and the thrill of finding an expensive designer dress for a tenth of its original cost, or a vintage broach that will add interest to a jacket.

Some tips for shopping for clothes and accessories in thrift stores:

  1. Explore different shops. You will find that certain stores are better than others for fashion, depending on the area and the donors.
  2. Think about repurposing. A lacey pajama top can find new life as a camisole under a blazer, for example.
  3. Look for home accessories. Your surroundings make a fashion statement, too. Consider the pretty candlesticks that only need a polish to bring out their luster, or the old tin bucket that’s a perfect container for fresh flowers.

If you think of thrift shops as places for people whose style is vintage or grunge, you will be surprised to find that every style of clothing, some of it new and never worn, is available.

For the names and locations of my favorite shops, email me at:

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