Have Casual Fridays Gone Formal in Your Office?

WomenOutfitsWhen t-shirts and flip-flops are the office uniform, nothing shows your individuality like formal business attire!

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal called attention to the trend of going formal on Casual Friday. It started with young professionals who have never actually worn business clothes – they came of age when casual was the Monday-Friday style. Now they are dressing up on Fridays, usually with a twist.

For example, men who are going to the office in shirts with collars and tailored pants are likely to still be wearing their colorful Converse shoes. On formal Fridays, women are in pretty dresses, but pantyhose may never make in comeback, especially in Southern California.

Here in the salon, I’ve asked men and women what they think about getting a little more dressed up for work. Almost all of them feel more self-assured in traditional business clothes, but they say they would still throw in touches of their own personal style. Some people say that they would like more separation between their work clothes and weekend or evening outfits.

What you wear definitely influences how you feel, think and act, as well as how you look. Why not switch up your work style, and see what happens?

Just remember to keep it real.

Lisa Getz is a monthly contributor to the University Heights Community Association News and her articles “The Heights of Fashion” as well as other news and information on the University Heights area of San Diego can be found here.

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